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Cd ‘The Inventors’ now available!


Anniversary CD Rob van Bavel Trio released!

Now for Sale Online:

Or at the concerts:

18-11 ‘t Hijgend Hert, Breda

25-11 ‘t Syndicaat, Den Haag

9-12 cafe Miles, Amersfoort

2-1-2015 de Tor, Enschede

26-2-2015 the Duke, Nistelrode


Previously unreleased/now available on Cdbaby!

With the first Rob van Bavel Trio (1985-2000) we recorded ‘Just for You’ , ‘The Rob van Bavel Trio’ (which cd was rewarded an ‘Edison’ – dutch Grammy) & ‘The Other Side’; after several years a new Rob van Bavel Trio was born, with exciting players such as bassplayer Clemens van der Feen (at that time still very young) and masterdrummer Chris Strik. This trio released 2 official cd’s: ‘Piano Grand Slam’ and ‘Generations’ (Munichrecords)….we made a 3rd recording which was never released: ‘Dutch Jazz’ – 9 original compositions by Rob van Bavel plus ‘Giant Steps’ (solopiano live) as a bonustrack! Enjoy…

Download a single track or the entire album at! 


Solo Piano Recital

I’m happy to tell you I will be giving a solo piano recital on Februari 3rd at the Bethany’s JazzClub (Amsterdam)

1st Set (solo)  at 11 AM (breakfast included!), 2nd set (duo with René van Beeck) at 1 PM; I will play a lot of original compositions including five, six, seven, eight which I wrote especially for this occasion!

Also on the program will be Trotting On (which I dedicated to the french pianist Baptiste Trotignon) and This is for Doris (for Vincent Koning’s beautiful little daughter).

Maybe this old tune of mine too…..Tuz and Biber!

Hope to see you all! Thanks, Rob